Liverpool, UK. 

Recently I have been putting a selection of images together that show my various skills as a photographer. This selection includes macro, natural history, studio work, landscapes and seascapes. I felt that something was missing and needed an image with strong lines to finish it off. I then thought about these stairs in Liverpool which isn’t too far from where I live. I decided that a cloudy day would be the best time to visit because it would keep the glare from the metal and glass to a minimum. Luckily the day after was overcast so I made the short journey to Liverpool and positioned myself above these stairs, making sure that my camera was not at risk of falling! It was then just a matter of waiting for the right scene to unfold in front of me. I originally had the idea of a couple being in the image but when I saw this cyclist I knew that this was ‘the one’ as it is more unusual. Once home, I processed the image by cleaning up a few dirty marks from the brickwork and stairs then converted the image to black and white and added a little contrast.
I am really pleased with how well received this image has been! It won third place in WexMondays which is a weekly photography competition and has had thousands of likes and reblogs over on Tumblr! So now I am pondering; should I do some more street photography?