Ancoats, Manchester, UK.

I drove to this street in Ancoats that I had seen a few day shots of on social media. Originally the houses were built for the workers of the factory at the end of the street, but in a rapidly regenerating city this is now a melancholic reminder of how things were. I love the historic charm of these terraces and being stood at the end of the street felt almost like I was stood in a museum! The night sky shrouded the modern buildings in darkness, hiding their often unimpressive features from my cameras view. As I was shooting handheld and wanted to keep my ISO as low as possible, I chose to use an aperture of f2.8. This probably seems like a strange choice but I think that it has actually worked well as the shallow depth of field along with the pools of light has added atmosphere to my image and helped to recreate my feelings at the time of capture. The only post processing was a conversion into monochrome and basic image adjustments to preserve as much of the original features as possible.

I am very pleased to announce that this image was shortlisted in this weeks WPOTY competition!