Natural World

Natural World is a project based on close-ups of nature with subjects such as flowers and animals.


Forgotten is a series focusing on the abandoned buildings of Salford. This is an area that has seen property developers suddenly take an interest in building here and now old properties become derelict in favour of new ones. I find these buildings fascinating and full of character with the signs of nature repossessing the sites reminding us that everything has a ‘shelf life’.


Moodscapes is a project which uses ‘good old British weather’ to instill an atmosphere onto landscapes.


Solitude is a series of black and white images showing the diversity of the British coastline. It is difficult to avoid the impact that people have made to British sea fronts, from tourist attractions to sewage pipes, there are human elements everywhere. The locations were purposely visited at a time when there would be minimal people around to put focus on these elements and evoke a feeling of loneliness.

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