Recently I have been looking for a new project that can be done when I’m in too much pain to go out. For inspiration, I began looking at photos that were taken when I first bought a ‘proper’ camera (Canon 100D) in 2013. I found some macro photographs and remembered that I really enjoyed macro but stopped focusing on it because dedicated macro lenses aren’t cheap and the adaptor that I used wasn’t great quality (I was made redundant in 2014). After doing some research, I found a suitable adapter for my Fuji camera which allows me to still use my 16-55mm lens. Thinking that this was an ideal way to see if macro was still something that I like, I purchased the Fuji 16mm macro extension tube and eagerly waited for its delivery. Upon arrival, I set up my camera with the tube and went about finding things at home to take pictures of (we’ve all done this, right?) Well, what a fantastic piece of kit it is! The tube gives me a magnification of 0.48 at 55mm according to Fujifilm’s documentation. I’ve found that the lens is useable between approximately 35mm and 55mm, with 35mm having greater magnification but virtually no distance between the subject and lens. For what I’ll be using it for, this isn’t much of a problem, after all, I doubt that flowers will be much of a flight risk! So, here begins another creative journey which means that I can still persue a hobby that I enjoy from the comfort of my own home although I will still be visiting the seaside and countryside when I am able.