The Cyclist

Liverpool, UK. 

Recently I have been putting a selection of images together that show my various skills as a photographer. This selection includes macro, natural history, studio work, landscapes and seascapes. I felt that something was missing and needed an image with strong lines to finish it off. I then thought about these stairs in Liverpool which isn’t too far from where I live. I decided that a cloudy day would be the best time to visit because it would keep the glare from the metal and glass to a minimum. Luckily the day after was overcast so I made the short journey to Liverpool and positioned myself above these stairs, making sure that my camera was not at risk of falling! It was then just a matter of waiting for the right scene to unfold in front of me. I originally had the idea of a couple being in the image but when I saw this cyclist I knew that this was ‘the one’ as it is more unusual. Once home, I processed the image by cleaning up a few dirty marks from the brickwork and stairs then converted the image to black and white and added a little contrast. 
I am really pleased with how well received this image has been! It won third place in WexMondays which is a weekly photography competition and has had thousands of likes and reblogs over on Tumblr! So now I am pondering; should I do some more street photography?


Salford Quays, Lancashire, UK. 

This weeks image is again a little different to what I normally shoot. As I’ve been struggling to get out due to my health, I decided to have a drive down to Media City which is only a five minute drive from my house. I noticed the lights in the building casting shadows onto the walls and wanted to capture this. After finding a viewpoint that used the pillar to separate the windows from the wall and taking the picture I headed home. I like this image as the artificial lighting gives a sense of mystery and atmosphere.
To edit the image, I converted it to black and white then played with the curves and levels in Lightroom. Finally a slight crop finished the image off.

Cromer Pier


Cromer, Norfolk, UK.

Taken just after sunset on a very quick (less than 30 minutes) trip to Cromer last Thursday. I don’t normally travel this far but as one of my images was in the WPOTY Exhibition in Norwich I was in the area. Before leaving home, I researched seaside locations that were in easy reach of Norwich and decided that Cromer seemed like it had plenty to offer. My aim was to get to the groynes too but time was ticking on, it was quickly getting dark and I was in an unfamiliar place so decided to leave. This image is probably one of the most edited that I’ve ever done purely because there were some big industrial bins on the right hand side of the pier. To remove these bins, I created a second layer in Photoshop, flipped it horizontally and with the aid of a mask, brushed over the bins. Then I removed a couple of minor details to improve the composition and converted the image to black and white. The only thing that I’m not happy with is that the lights are not central to the Pavillion but this is because they were not straight and only a high level of editing could correct this which I felt might ruin the charm of the pier. This image was my third to be shortlisted in the WPOTY competition!

Tenement Houses

Ancoats, Manchester, UK.

I drove to this street in Ancoats that I had seen a few day shots of on social media. Originally the houses were built for the workers of the factory at the end of the street, but in a rapidly regenerating city this is now a melancholic reminder of how things were. I love the historic charm of these terraces and being stood at the end of the street felt almost like I was stood in a museum! The night sky shrouded the modern buildings in darkness, hiding their often unimpressive features from my cameras view. As I was shooting handheld and wanted to keep my ISO as low as possible, I chose to use an aperture of f2.8. This probably seems like a strange choice but I think that it has actually worked well as the shallow depth of field along with the pools of light has added atmosphere to my image and helped to recreate my feelings at the time of capture. The only post processing was a conversion into monochrome and basic image adjustments to preserve as much of the original features as possible.

I am very pleased to announce that this image was shortlisted in this weeks WPOTY competition!

Monochrome Moods

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Salford Quays, Greater Manchester, England.

Some bad weather moodiness at Salford Quays.

Salford Quays at Night
Salford Quays, Greater Manchester, England.

A few more from Salford Quays, this time after sunset. I’m beginning to like architectural photography yet it’s something that I’ve never considered doing before. It was the water that drew me in to shooting here since it’s my favourite subject.

Fog at the Quays

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Salford Quays, Greater Manchester, England.

Decided to try something new this week. These images were taken at Salford Quays in the recent foggy weather.

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